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ANA FOODS" believe in the lifestyle of conceptual living with a cognitive approach to what as a world we should consume for a good and healthy lifestyle. In the literature of TAMIL ANNAM means ‘a swan’ which has the power to split milk from water, the difference in purity is well said and the journey of ANA FOODS defines the ethics of unadulterated food ingredients vividly.


. DHIVYA SOUNDARRAJAN the founder of ‘ANA FOODS’ is a multifaceted woman and an enthusiastic computer science engineer graduated from an esteemed educational institution and worked religiously in a software conglomerate for four complete years. My childhood dream was an unplanned journey to entrepreneurship but destiny today changed it when motherhood touched her soul. ANA FOODS is an established ORGANIC food supplier with proper FSSAI certificate and ventured its journey in the year 2019. 


I coined the name ‘ANA’ after her child’s name, an ironic beginning to the products sold with a MOM’s LOVE. ANA FOODS believes in quality and good quantity. The goal is to serve 10,000 customers with complete organic love induced food products within the next three years.


Products available :

Palm Jaggery,Palm Candy,Turmeric powder,Balck pepper,Groundnut oil,Sesame oil,Coconut oil,Catrol Oil,Neem oil,Whole Cashew,Almonds,Pista,Fig,Raisins Black,Pumpkin seeds,Sunflower Oil,Chia seeds,Flax seeds.

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