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CodePannu is a socially conscious education startup that provides affordable programming courses to school kids across the world. We give importance to practical learning which makes programming easy and fun for kids☺The fee for our courses is Rs.800 + GST.  We have taught 150 students from 10 countries. Our students come from even the rural areas of Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan to international cities like California and Dubai. 


What do we do

We conduct batch training in small groups (5-6 students) 

Our zoom calls are practical sessions only without any theory classes.

We create courses exclusively for young children who are introduced to programming for the first time

Our courses are explained in simple english to keep it easy for non-english speaking students

Practice is important, so we encourage all students to submit assignments. We review all assignments, including those submitted by students who are taking the course for free.


What we teach 

Scratch – Programming language for kids between 6 to 12 years old

Python – Programming language for kids between 10 to 17 years old

App Inventor – Programming language for kids between 12 to 15 years old


Our Initiatives

codePannu Scholarship: Pay for one more student, when you pay for your child.

codePannu Brainbox: A platform for all students to present their projects. This initiative was recently appreciated and sponsored by Lenovo.

codePannu Free Learning: We want to teach programming to all children from all financial backgrounds. So our content videos uploaded on youtube and open to all


Our collaborations:

codePannu was the technology partner for during 2021 state election results

Conduct Python training for top tech firms



We have been covered by Thanga Mangai, Mangayar Malar and


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