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Hi, this is Banu Rekha, a creative designer by attitude and self-learnt baker by nature. I can proudly say I am a self-made “crafter to caterer”, with years of experience in the corporate industry. I decided to keep it a full stop and venture my further years into the field I create for myself. Being a professionally qualified and few years of experience as a senior finance executive, I was aware of the time and value to be invested in any business, but didn’t expect it will be from the Day-1,  I became a mother. The day my child decided to explore various cuisines with tiny-mini taste buds, I wanted to be careful with the choice of ingredients involved in every product made elsewhere. When as a mother I can give my child the best, I wished to try it myself by exploring various cuisines, bakes and anything related to food. The self-driven thought steered my life to baking. At first, I started baking in small proportions from my home for greeting and meeting occasions. Later, I decided to drive the backdoor baking to full-fledged outdoor service.




I curate each and every cake that is baked out of my oven with multiple inbuilt thoughts, especially the one they want it to taste like, “heaven”. As a self-motivated person I believe the energy that is invested in every desert made should be equal to cost and time. The value addition to my service is every cake is uniquely customized with tempting tastes, attractive colours, enriched in natural ingredients with no added preservatives. “Each customer preference is my point of reference to bake their cakes”.


What is so Unique about BANU BAKE HOUSE :


With years of research and interpretations with multiple people through social media handles personally, I learnt to bake for their tastes and choice of requests. Let be vegan, eggless or with egg, with alcohol, without, diet cakes you name it I bake it. BANU BAKE HOUSE is curated with love by a passion driven concept as a mother.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting baking opportunities. Let's connect.

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