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Hello, I am Bhargavi, a fitness enthusiast, coach and founder of Fit with Bhargavi. I hold a Masters degree in Business Administration and am currently living in the United States. I have 2 kids and it was my second delivery when I kick started my fitness journey. I had put on weight drastically and I was looking out for various options on the internet to get back in shape. Unfortunately, all I could find were crash diets and unorganized habits that would play around with my overall health. I didn’t want those but I knew I had to find an alternative. At the right time, I enrolled myself in a nutrition course and parallely started working on myself. I brought about changes to my lifestyle and eating habits. Results started pouring in and I was quite happy and excited about that.


I believe fitness is something nobody should take for granted and as a fitness coach, I wanted to share my knowledge and train people into it. I started my Instagram handle @fitwithbhargavi in September 2020 through which I have so far guided 45 individuals into their fitness journey. I help them plan their meal time in a more sustainable manner using regular home made recipes, thereby excluding outside food and fancy diets. I also post about food alternatives, the science behind calories and body weight, effective cooking methods, healthy lifestyle tips and much more on my handle. My happiness lies with happy clients who talk about positive changes they see in them. I hope to take my handle to different levels and help create healthier lives.


My program includes a consultation where we speak about the expectations of the client and prepare for a committed journey. Throughout the program, I help my clients to carefully track their calorie intake and guide them into physical training appropriately.

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