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Bee Enterprises is our exclusive stockist in Coimbatore, owned by Ms. Bhuvana Sridhar young and dynamic personality caters all B2B and B2C requirements from Coimbatore to Salem. She owns Basmati's cold storage in Coimbatore supplying all Basmati Masalas, Beverages, Desserts, Sweets and Chocolates. She also support the logistics part for United Donuts of America and European Waffle franchisee daily requirements.

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Bee Enterprises supports Briyani Nation, Basmati Express, Hungry Chang, Hash Kitchens, United Donut of America and European Waffle. Bee enterprises manages the supply chain for Coimbatore franchisees logistic support of all B2B and B2C requirements. Bee Enterprises also support United Donuts of America and European Waffle day today operations in that region. 


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