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My only intention was to do nature farming. When the situation of going to Dubai after marriage arose, I was amazed to see farming even in the desert.It was then that the idea arose that we should do more natural agriculture on our land. I went to the villages and learned about nature farming from nature farmers so that I could learn from those who have experience with education. Although I was interested in organic farming, I set up a terrace garden and started organic farming as I did not have access to water.


After that we started making natural fertilizers under the name Green Home and selling them all over India. In addition, we sell native vegetable seeds to those who cultivate naturally and who want to set up a terrace garden. We sell natural manure, vermicompost, panchakavia, herbicide repellent and tamor solution for landscaping. I have been going to school colleges and raising awareness among students about how to use natural fertilizers, how to maintain seeds, and the importance of natural way farming used by our ancestors. Through the Office of Agriculture, I am also raising awareness about the need for organic farming for farmers.


Sowing clarity on nature farming to those in the student body will increase the chances of a good youth defending agriculture in the future. So my dream is to add natural agriculture to them..

Advantages of vermicompost 

Vermicompost helps improve soil structure, texture, porosity, water holding capacity, drainage, and aeration and reduce erosion. It improves plant growth by enabling the growth of new shoots and leaves, thereby increasing productivity. It helps to neutralize the pH of the soil.


Organic sheep manure 

In our country sheep manure is available with natural manure mixed with neem paste and peanut paste..

Neem paste protects against moth infestation. Peanut butter is a good source of nutrients for the roots and the soil 


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