Meet Rajavelu & Nirmala, a dynamic husband and wife duo, hitched for life and cycling their way towards health, happiness, and business success. 

Their venture 'Cyclezone' stands ode to the age old adage...marriage is a partnership of two unique people who bring out the best in each other.

Born as the brain child of Rajavelu in 2013, Cyclezone toddled, flourished and grew under the nurturing hands of Nirmala. So in a way, Cyclezone is a beautiful synchronisation of mind and heart. From software engineers to passionate cycle experts, this husband and wife team gives us serious couple goals. As cycling is seen as a sport that perfectly combines enjoyment and exercise in one go, Cyclezone was launched at Coimbatore with a vision to provide value to people who love cycling. They started offering an elaborate collection of bicycles and electric bikes under one roof, much to the delight of cycle connoisseurs in Coimbatore and its surroundings.


Attuned to their vision, they are now one of the leading direct service companies dealing with world class branded cycles and cycle accessories. With attention to detail, heartfelt dedication to provide superior  customer service, and super convenient free home delivery services, they are taking Cyclezone from strength to strength. Their online store goes by the name 'Cycle Navy.'From baby tri-wheel cycles, side wheel cycles for tweens, stylish cycles for teens, to slimline cycles and electric bikes for adults, Cyclezone has a wide range of cycles for every stage in your life. Purchasing with them is as easy as 1,2,3,4!

  1. Choose your cycle

  2. Get it delivered promptly

  3. Avail 2 free services within 3 months, and

  4. Enjoy prompt repairs at your doorstep.

It doesn't get better than this. Right? They also offer cycle rentals to try your favourite model before you buy. From insurance covers to affordable EMIs, Cyclezone is all set to make your purchase smooth and secure. They also accept cycle exchange, subject to terms & conditions.Their comprehensive AMC cover and range of repairs & service packages are easy on your pockets and ensure that your cycle gets the royal treatment it deserves all year long. Their doorstep service at a nominal cost is sure to save you a lot of stress and transportation hassles. As this enterprising duo are passionate about enriching networks and entrepreneurship, they have set up a franchisee model to expand their network and make life easier for their customers. At the moment, they have five franchisees located across Coimbatore and Pollachi.


Social responsibility is deeply entwined in their hearts and business model. They strive to reduce their carbon footprints by recycling used tyres and tubes through the 'No dumping, no waste' organisation. Cyclezone is expanding and has successfully established itself as a household name for superior quality cycle products and  impeccable doorstep service. This has set the stage for Rajavelu & Nirmala to match forward and accomplish their mission of establishing 100 stores by 2025. In short, Cyclezone helps you navigate the journey of life, one pedal at a time!

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88 ES corner,  Avinashi Road,Hope college, 

 Coimbatore - 641004. Phone: 8270988899

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