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Hello I am Mrs.Fathima,from Coimbatore

I started my business Homemade Herbal Therapeutic  Products in the year 2017 December in the name "LUHAA HANDMADE HEAVEN" But i am also a women entrepreneur for the past 20 years where i also learned a lot of course like Tailoring,Hand embroidery,Aari embroidery,Saree polishing,Darning & Block printing,various types of paintings,Murals,Thai clay flower,and also baking but i never got a chance to prove myself in any of these field. 


And then I also learned the basic soap making which is also known as 'Melt and Pour'. At first i started it as a hobby and then one day i got to know about the other way of making soap which is also known as CP soap (Cold processed soap) which made me eager and eventually i was so interested in that and that's how i started my small business by making soaps,Creams in the beginning.But now we have HEAD to TOE products like Hair oil,shampoo,Pigmentation products,lipsticks & Even face powders.I learned this course properly from a teacher,Not a Youtube learner.This was the turning point in my life which was a huge success.


The cosmetics which  we make are a lot different from other home soap makers & Commercial brands. For Example: Our shampoo, Well i do not use any ready made base like getting 2-3 items of raw materials  and then mixing them all together and selling. Our shampoo is a unique formula which is prepared with oils like Neem oil,Punga oil & 25+ herbs where you can experience a whole new type of shampoo. Also, we do not use any SLS or SLES.

Our LIP LIGHTENER which is also a unique formula which can also be edible.we do not use any synthetic or acid base materials in any of our products.we provide products in a Natural way as much as possible. But yet we never title our products as ORGANIC PRODUCTS. All our products are Therapeutic products which can also be used on BABIES to GRANNIES.We have solutions for all types of problems.


It was not just a 1 month or 1 year try,it was my 20 years of struggle to be this successful


If you wish to know more about our products all details & reviews are on our facebook page LUHAA ARTISTRY do check them out


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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