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Our children do not need Perfect moms. They need happy ones!

Dear Mommy,

Do you want to live the life that you are dreaming of?

Do you feel like a Victim in all aspects of life?

Do you wish to live a Happy life?

I am on a mission to help 100000 mothers become emotionally strong and live a happy life by using the power of positive thinking, self-love and Manifestation. Mothers who joined my community become – Happier, Confident,


Financially Independent

How my life experience led to my passion to help mothers?

It was one fine evening after my engagement and a few months before my wedding. I had a huge fight with my then fiancé and was contemplating calling off my wedding!. We both decided to take up counselling and from then on we have been married for 8 years now to the same person…. Very soon I got pregnant with my son who was born 2 months earlier than his due date, in just 31 weeks. Taking care of a low birth weight pre term baby, back to back hospital visits, c section tiredness, sleepless nights took a toll on my health. Least did I realized at that time that I was suffering from Postpartum Depression. I assumed that going for a job would make me feel better and help me come out of my depression or so did I think! It was wrong! Being a perfectionist, I struggled to hit the work life balance and perform at work!

As a wife, as a mother, as a professional I have faced a lot of hurdles and struggled to achieve results that I was dreaming of. This only added to my existing stress. I suffered an auto immune health condition, almost dead relationship with my spouse and felt like an annoying mom by showing all my irritation on my son! I started feeling like I was a failure! I thought I was one! But God had better plans for me! 

I tried and tested many ways to get to my goals and become a happy person. In my search, I realized that my barriers to achieving big was not external but internal. I understood the inner concept, worked on eliminating my limiting beliefs, started visualizing my goals and booomm – all my dreams started to manifest and come true! My relationship got better, I became a better mother, found my passion and even my autoimmune disorder got cured! Added benefits, I am healthier and slimmer than I was during my college days. It was through this pain and struggle, I found a unique formula that would work for Mothers. I now help a lot of mothers who feel stuck in life, come out of this struggle with an ease!

I went through a rough path! You don’t have to! I am happy to ease out the path for you to achieve your goals and become the Warrior Queen you always wanted to be! I want to see you become a happier wife, mom, professional and more so a Happy YOU!


How can I help you?

Through these years of facing challenges, I have learnt my own unique formula for Happiness. I coach Mothers to overcome their limitations and achieve BIG!

Group Coaching – 5 days group coaching will unleash the hidden potential in you and give a different perspective about life!

Membership & guidance – Being with the community and doing daily rituals will help to bring out a new powerful You!

One on one mentoring – Identify your self limiting beliefs and work on them regularly to Fast Track your progress!

Let’s make moms world better