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Did you know that an average woman uses approximately 13500 sanitary pads in her lifetime? Are you aware that 1 plastic napkin takes about 1000 years to decompose? Did you know that lakhs of trees are being cut for the wooden pulp which is used in plastic pads?  Is that not extremely shocking to see the big picture of environmental damages caused by these pads? PLEASE RETHINK before using those pads again.

My Business Journey

This is Harini Udhayaraja, the founder of Reboot-U . It is my pride and pleasure to share my story with you all. After learning about the health and environmental hazards of plastic pads, I was searching for alternatives. I did a lot of studies and gained knowledge in this domain. When I personally switched to cloth pads and experienced the benefits personally, my inborn entrepreneurship qualities paved way to start this venture.  Our company "Reboot - U", inaugurated in 2017 is manufacturing cotton sanitary pads. Our company is registered under MSME and ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

Seeded Pads

We offer an array of reusable and disposable cotton pads made from 100% premium quality cotton flannel. Seeded Pads is our Unique Product. In our Indian tradition, "Shakthi" is known as the feminine auspicious source of energy operating the universe. A female womb is not only capable of giving birth to a child, a woman can grow about 3000 trees in her lifetime by using these seeded pads. It is a proven fact that the menstrual blood has various nutrients and that facilitates the growth of seeds when the pad is dumped on the ground .When we hear the name *cloth pads* We think it's available only as reusable, but we made it with a disposable option to make women more comfortable and confident. Our signature product is herbal cloth pads made with vetiver which helps to absorb the chemical footprint created by the plastic pads.

And ultra slim cloth pads made by chia seeds and almond gum in between the layers of fabric. This helps to absorb the menstrual blood and converts them into gel. And also gives a dry feel for the users. *But without any chemicals or plastic*

Products @ Store

Reusable Cloth Pads,Plain Disposable Cloth Pads,Vetiver Disposable Cloth Pads,Premium Plain Disposable Cloth Pads,Premium Vetiver Disposable Cloth Pads,Ultra Plain Disposable Cloth Pads,Ultra Vetiver Disposable Cloth Pads

Benefits of using Reboot-U pads. Fertile uterus,Regulates menstrual cycle, Regulates hormonal secretions ,Seeded pads aids in afforestation,Vetiver helps in removing chemical foot prints from uterus,Made from 100% cotton flannel fabric,100 % leakage proof,No plastics, No chemicals, No toxins, No rashes,Reusable pads can be durable till 75+ wash.,Eco- friendly & Sustainable,Handmade products areISO 9001 : 2015 certification

Our Team

Experienced and well trained women employees are the backbone of our designing and stitching team. We prioritize single mothers and women who have lost their spouse in employment. We have also offered work from home opportunities to women who are unable to come to the workplace. Business Opportunities:We are eager to expand our business through various reselling options. We invite entrepreneurs for collaboration.

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