I am  HASSENA  from ShekaMashuq, running a new-age enterprise with a  passion for creating nature-inspired, self-care products. This has been a driving force for the brand. ShekaMashuq- this Coimbatore-based venture has a range of wellness products made from natural, plant-based ingredients. It was while creating concoctions for personal use that  I thought of creating a line of natural products. 


How did all this start

Growing up with hair problems, I decided to steer clear away from products loaded with harsh chemicals and started making organic products with a touch of tradition. Later while friends and family experienced good results with products, I started manufacturing in small batches for the benefit of customers. Every ingredient is handpicked and every product is responsibly crafted. We are happy that we are already growing our customer base in India and now in the US, Uk and a few of the middle- eastern countries and shall keep progressing to touch the lives of many people across the globe soon.

Why organic products?

I’m sure we are creating a wave of eco-conscious customers and we will keep doing it for the benefit of them and our mother Earth. Your skin is the largest living, breathing organ on your body. Up to 60% of what you apply on your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream, which then gets circulated around your whole body. That’s not all, though. Producing organic products in powder form is the truest of all and that’s what we do at ShekaMashuq!

How do we do it?

I understand the skin and hair problem of each client and provide them the right beauty product. As we manufacture products that are common for all skin types, clients are happy and choose easily rather than getting confused when buying them. Customization of products are available. The product range consists of products based on various key ingredients like rosemary, activated charcoal, carrots, aloe Vera and turmeric.  

What’s more?

The food you eat, defines the way you live your life and affects it too. Getting into the core of what these products entail and stand for gave birth to my second venture HMS Spice Powders. They are premium quality products made with pure raw materials extracted from nature to take care of your overall health and elevate your lifestyle.

What’s coming up? 

ShekaMashuq is planning to come out with products based on other nutritious ingredients like eggs, coconut milk , and onions.

USP - The Unique selling preposition of our line up is that all our products are in powder form. This helps to avoid  the use of parabens,  and other such chemicals in our products.

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