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I would like to introduce myself as a passionate Psychotherapist, who had a great inclination towards Psychology since school days. I have done Masters in Psychotherapy & Counselling.

Being an avid learner, I have done courses on Cosmetology, Food & Nutrition, Reiki, Law of Attraction and Pranic Healing too.


What is Psychotherapy?


Psychotherapy is also called as "Talk Therapy". Clients express their feelings through conversing in an elaborate manner. Therapist helps to identify the precise problems and offers guidance to find solutions, through various psychotherapy techniques.


Psychotherapy can be offered to many issues including..


● Sadness

● Grief

● Depression

● Anxiety

● Eating Disorders

● Relationship Problems

● Anger Management

● Phobias

● Suicidal Thoughts

● Obsessive Thoughts


Why to choose "All Is Well"?


◆ Clients are assured a confidential space to vent out their personal problems.


◆ We value the needs of each individual and hence apply customized therapy approaches.


◆ Our counselling sessions are enhanced through the holistic approach and psychotherapy techniques.


◆ In this pandemic situation, we offer online / phone counselling sessions.


◆ Join our clubhouse to get free access to Discussions / Q&A sessions on mental health .


Why not YOU ?


"All Is Well" has motivated many clients to take right decisions in their chaotic circumstances.

Take a tiny step towards rebuilding your life. We are here to help you - identify your challenges and equip you to find solutions. It is never too late to LIVE A JOY FILLED LIFE.


My passion for writing..


I have authored two books in Tamil as a poet and translator. I have done website content for many women entrepreneurs here. {City bags, Adlavs Fashions, Katral Academy, Swasth Home, etc.}

I would like to convey my heartfull gratitude to Ms. Priya Kumar, my Mentor and Women Entrepreneurs India , for providing me an excellent opportunity in this domain.

All Is Well~A holistic approach to mental wellness

My Skill sets



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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