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I am Karunambigai. I would love to introduce myself as a Healer by passion and Craft Teacher by profession. I am a proud mom of two daughters who support me in all my endeavours. I believe that Health is wealth. Forgiveness is the key to success. 


My Passionate Hobby

I did my graduation in Interior design & Psychology. I have been working as a Professional Craft Teacher with a reputed school at Erode for 10 years. My innate passion towards crafts paved the way to "Shri Crafts" - through which I undertake various classes like Artificial Flower making, Macrame, Keychains making, Warli Painting, Origami, Embroidery, etc . Many homemakers who took our courses, now earn a decent income through these arts n crafts.


My Journey

After a challenging phase in life during 2015, I faced some physical ailments, depression and frustration. I came to know about YPV teachings(Aura science) through my Aunt Ms. Malathi Chinnuswamy. YPV entered my life like a ray of sunshine. Even Though I was doubtful about the outcomes, I started practicing. Gradually I felt the power of forgiveness & breathing exercises. Finally I was empowered with positive energy and had the courage to tackle tough periods in my life. I practiced all the techniques and have become a Healer and Trainer now.


Free access to YPV Sadhana

Yoga Prana Vidya is a way of life. YPV offers a free app called YPV Sadhana. Sadhana means daily practice. Anyone who is interested to learn more about it, can download the free app from google play store and start practicing. You can feel drastic changes in physical and mental health through simple exercises,breathing techniques and forgiveness prayer. YPV Sadhana has enhanced the life of many hyperactive kids and children with learning disabilities. YPV sadhana will help to improve in all aspects. Free YPV Sadhana workshops are being conducted for schools, institutions and organizations. Through regular practice of YPV Sadhana one can achieve a Healthier, Happier and Successful life. 


Healing Technique

YPV Healing Technique, functions as a complementary therapy. Healing boosts the immune systems and maintains emotional stability. Physical ailments like knee pain, back pain, kidney stone, migraine, headache and Psychosomatic ailments such as blood pressure, diabetes, depression, anger, stress, phobias, addiction can be healed. We offer free group healing sessions who are willing to experience healing. We offer distant healing too. I feel happy and content that 100+ people with different ailments have been healed through our center.


Our motto

Our ambition is to train one healer per family to transform and enhance their lives    

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Shri YP Vidyalaya, sakthi vinayaga towers, 

Lakshmi nagar, Thindal, Erode, Tamilnadu,

India 638012 - Ph - 7639304321

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