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Little did I expect that slimming down was the best gift I had given myself. Every task became easier and I developed a new zeal for life. At that point of time, I got a chance to be a part of a facebook group with 25,000 members. As my way of giving back to society, I helped over 3000 members with diet advice and guidance.


The advice yielded fruit, and I could see how my guidance had played a significant part in transforming the lives of so many women. Encouraged by this and determined to help many more women with a focused approach, I did my certification in NLP and started my independent practice under the brand name 'Hepta Senz – Hepta Academy'


Holistic health via Hepta Academy - Mind and body in perfect harmony!


My diet programs became more dynamic as the NLP course taught me that every human being is unique. I met a lot of people silently suffering from stress and depression.


I knew from personal experience that stress plays a main role in how we view ourselves. In addition to being a reason for physical health issues, it can also affect one's mental well-being in a major way.


As I have a psychology degree, I decided that one has to synchronize the body and mind in a holistic way to make any diet and lifestyle changes possible. So, 2 approaches became an integral part of my scientifically validated programs,


1. Healing the mind - Counselling and psychotherapy sessions.

2. Healing the body - Tailor made diet plans to balance the vitamins/mineral levels in the body


Our Diet Plans - As unique as you are!


At Hepta Academy, we have tailored around 3500+ diet plans till date. Not just for weight management, but also to treat a lot of health issues and enrich the body with the right balance of nutrients and vitamins. Our scientific study based diets have helped many clients recover from life debilitating conditions like high blood sugar, thyroid, autoimmune diseases etc.


This became possible, as we combined these diets with insight driven counselling sessions to tune the mind towards a positive response. With a resolve to enrich the lives of as many people as I could, I offer a wide range of programs to suit all ages and abilities. Being a sleep therapist, I offer a special program called 'Nemuru' to heal the body and mind through the magic of good sleep.


The change is in your hands, as much as it is in mine! Come, join hands with me, and transform your life as your heart desires!


The writer in me


As an avid reader, books made me dive into new realms of knowledge and elevated me to new planes of growth. As I grew, I wanted to pull others up with me by introducing them to concept rich books written with a down to earth approach. My books 'Super diets' and 'Nanisaiva diet' covered effective dieting programs in simplest of terms.


Hi, this is Krithika, A Nutritional Psychology Counsellor and Zenlp Trainer.


That said, I prefer being known as a woman who started her venture with heartfelt love, just to make life easier and healthier for other women.


Once upon a time, I was obese and suffered from the backache and knee pain. Creaks and groans became my everyday music, while painful sighs played a melodramatic symphony in my mind.


One fine day, I decided that life cannot go on like this!  There are so many experiences for me to explore in life, and it is not going to be smooth sailing with my health issues. So, I made a resolution to slim down with the right diet and lifestyle and accomplished it.

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