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Hello everyone, this is Krithiga, a teacher by heart and profession. I am a storyteller, NLP practitioner, creative Ideator of Tamil magazine “Chutti Yaanai” and the face behind the Vread Academy, an exclusive learning studio that strives to impart a firm foundation of English literacy. 


I strongly believe that language acquisition is the foremost skill a child should acquire.  This laid the foundation for Vread Academy in 2014. 


The curriculum at Vread is structured on the basis of Jolly Phonics and Jolly grammar, the globally acclaimed learning methodologies. As a Professional Jolly Phonics trainer accredited by Jolly learning UK, I train teachers, parents, special educators, and school coordinators.


In 1999, during my stint at a rural school, I could see firsthand how synthetic phonics transformed special needs and low-achieving children into confident learners. I wanted to bring this miracle learning solution to every child out there.


Vread Academy provides an excellent progressive program to educate and promote English language to children, in an enjoyable and engaging way! With teaching aids, multimedia, books, and multi sensory approach, our highly trained teachers impart proven research based curriculum to help children develop an avid love for learning, reading, and writing. 


Our learning programs for kids


VPower "Children's Potential Enhancing Hub"


Dedicated to individual needs children, this hub encourages them to develop and learn on par with their peers.


V1 - Vread Foundation (Age group 2-4 years)


Your child will discover the joy of reading and learning, by engaging in multi sensory activities like,


. Jolly Jingles

. Kids friendly craft work

. Interactive storytelling.


V2 - Phonics Prime (Age group 4-7 years)


Children start to encode and decode the English alphabetic code through interactive  sessions.


V3 - Phonics Profound  (Age group 6-7 years) 


Children gain more insights about phonics, and acquire a clear understanding of how language works. 


V4 - Grammar Explorer (Age group 7-9 years)


In addition to imparting good grammatical skills, this module induces children to excel in creative thinking and independent writing. 


V5 - Grammar Master (Age group 9-10 years)


Children gain more clarity and quality in their writing skills, and develop a dedicated reading routine. 


V6 - Vread Genial (Age 10 years and over)


Your child starts to explore and develop independently, as this module encourages insightful knowledge sharing and interactive discussions.


Strengthening the roots - to enrich the shoots!


We strongly believe that parents, teachers, and caregivers are the roots that help children blossom into full fledged achievers, and have tailor made courses to educate and enrich them.


I am looking forward to connecting with,


# Teachers and educators - To share my knowledge and assist them in setting up curriculum for schools.


# Parents - To share better insights to help them educate their children the right way. 


# Budding Entrepreneurs -  To educate and help them plan their tutoring career successfully.

My offers

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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