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I’m Latha Selvakumar ( Our Business started in 2017 after my daughter’s birth Baby - Sri Sakthi. My husband and I searched for good traditional foods and snacks to provide for our daughter and make her follow good food habits from an early stage. But in market we were not able to find quality foods/snacks. 99% supermarkets and grocery,snacks shops are occupied with artificial colors in snacks, chemically treated for long shelf life etc., So we started searching for naturally produced rice, millets, oils, nattu sakkarai, Panam Karupatti, nattu marunthu , traditional snacks, Veggie Dried, Fruits Dried etc., and found some of traditional snacks manufacturers in tamilnadu and also found good food products.


I had done a Masters in Marketing and worked in Bank before my Marriage. After Marriage my Husband gave me an idea to start My Traditional Foods and Snacks business. we nearly searched Farmers / Manufacturers about 6months various products for our baby and become somewhat professional in procuring these items. So he insisted that I start my Own manufacturing and Distribution of it. So in 2017 we started 2 shops 1 for Traditional Snacks and 1 for Grocery, Rice,Millets etc.,


And we started supplying Snacks,groceries in Wholesale for various department stores, Organic shops, Annachi Kadai (Grocery Shops) and Home/Mompreneurs  who do distribution to nearby houses and shops. All Over India we are now supplying like 110+ shops and 45+ Home/Mompreneurs. We are looking for 1000s of Mompreneurs/Homepreneurs to join Hands together to make our Family healthy / energetic following Traditional Foods and snacks. We will guide you how to do business successfully . 


Our Business Products

Traditional Rice,Millets,Chekku Oils,Grocery,Karuppati,Nattu Sakkarai,Panam Kalkandu,Traditional Snacks Shop,80’s,90’s Mittais,Pickles,Spices,Pulses,Nattu,Murukku and Sweets Marunthu,Vathals,Vadams,Face,Skin,Hair ,Herbal Oils,Powders, Nattu Marunthu / Herbals – Raw Roots/Seeds / Powders for Face / Skin / Body / Hair.

My products

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Perundurai Road

Thindal  638012 Erode.

Mobile No ;9677731068

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