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Megabarathi is my name. Mother of 2 little fairies. Civil engineer and currently pursuing MSc. psychology. Though I run a construction company with my husband, I always had time for my passion which is makeup and anchoring. I do makeup as a freelance makeup artist and I started doing anchoring/MC from my college days and it's almost a decade and counting. Did more than 100 events like new year galas, alumni reunion, birthday parties, Weddings, corporate events, weddings, DJ nights, celebrity inaugurations, product launches and much more. Got a chance to do shows as RJ in MTS radio, Texas, USA (Asathalaana kaalai with RJ megabarathi) As
freelancer, I also do voice overs, dubbing , marketing concepts, promo contents etc. earlier in 2021, Took maternity break for my 2nd child. While I was on break an unique enquiry came to host FB live to sell products online. I was wondering that "will people buy things like that?" But later came to know many were doing that. While I was on my maternity break, I was speaking with my friends and realized one thing: many of my friends who were doing small businesses from home have stopped doing business due to covid epidemic. Many said their stock was stuck . There I got the idea of selling things online. That's how "shopping with mega" was born. I started doing Live hosting in FB, insta and zoom. In one single live (which is around 30-45 minutes) I can show and explain details of 15-18 products clearly.

For those who target an overseas audience can opt for a recorded show that can be premiered as live in FB also. So far have done shows for products like gold and diamond Jewellery, silver jewels and products, sarees, Designer blouses(show gor boutique), food products, imitation and fancy jewels, home made products, handmade soaps and shampoos, handmade natural cosmetics, and also did shows for product stockists for few global brands. If you have quality products, I can sell it on behalf of you through social media. I strongly believe "together we can walk more miles together. Yes, together we can achieve more things. And when we help each other to achieve single goal then the result will be definitely huge" Am ready to serve you all with my little knowledge and help myself gain more knowledge and business. Let's grow together so, when can I do a live program for your product?  Call me right away



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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