Tamil Nadu Digital Marketers

While the business is getting digitized in the global village of tomorrow, I would like to introduce myself as a data-driven digital marketer, with vast knowledge in the marketing stream supporting various businesses in digitalization.


I have been supporting various clients from various industries like  

o  B2b

o  B2C,

o   Distributors business


Being a freelancer, offers digital marketing services such as

o   WordPress Website Management & consultation, 

o  Social Media Marketing, 

o  Competitor Analysis,

o   SEO,

o   Local Search Engine Optimization,

o Data-driven Digital Marketing Strategies and other consultations. 


My motto in life is "Be the change that you want to see the world", and I aim to make digital marketing accessible to everyone - not just in the Tier 1 cities but also in Tier 2 cities & Tier 3 cities villages. 


My desire to learn and implement Digital Marketing has kept me motivated all these years, and that's when an idea struck me - to connect similar Digital Marketers like me who share my native tongue - Tamil. The result is my brainchild - an online community called Tamil Nadu Digital Marketers (TNDM), which is a group of 300+ talented digital marketing professionals experienced in various streams. I keep striving to bring the right kind of people so that this community continues to remain valuable and relevant for those who join, starting Jan 2019.


This outreach has helped me to gather various learnings, network, and mentor newbies to implement proper cost-effective steps in digital marketing, and to create and obtain opportunities. The craving to help other digital marketers, especially women looking to make it big in this field, Madam Digital Marketing - an initiative to empower women by connecting with women digital marketers, women bloggers, women YouTubers, and women entrepreneurs.


Apart from my passion for Digital Marketing, I am also passionate about traveling, vegetable carving, playing badminton, networking, and of course, listening to the timeless tunes by AR Rahman. You can connect to the community through community social handles. Reach out to the founder through LinkedIn Monisha’s LinkedIn.

My skill sets 



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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