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About Us:

The Code Talkers Academy is an education company started to raise the creators for this digital world. It provides the space to learn and play with the new age literacy skill called “CODING”. This corporate world has manifested that learning coding is mandatory. Also, it’s been disfigured as learning coding is very expensive and it is really not affordable by all. Our mission is to break this stereotype and make education available for all by giving it in an affordable manner with extremely good quality.

I am Muthumeena Valliyappan, a workaholic developer with 8+ years of corporate experience who has now turned to a full-time mom. The Thrust for learning and coding have given me a new space to develop this platform. Coding is actually easy; it is not as strenuous as gimmicked.  It cannot be taught; it can just be facilitated and it can be tried by different permutations and combination of syntaxes to self-explore more. Here is the facilitation platform, specially designed for the kids from age 5 to 18yrs. We promise to raise the qualities and quantified Creators in them.


What we do:

Rome was not built in a day.

As is for raising the creators too.

Here in The Code Talkers Academy, we facilitate and nurture the young minds to be super creators one day.

The creators should have all the aspects of being 

an analyser,a designer,a flow creator,a coder,a tester,and finally, an end user.

All these will be emphasized in the programmes designed by The Code Talkers Academy


Our Programs:

We Offer different programs for kids with age 5+ to 18+yrs. Our Programs are specially designed to meet the cutting-edge technologies.

Little Coder for age 5+ to 8 years, Express Coder for age 8+ to 14 years, Early Professional Coder from age 14+

Other Services:

Play Learn and Code with Zero Screen Time

We provide workshops for kids and learn coding with no screen via the unplugged activities.We also create worksheet bundles for kids to understand the programming vocabulary and terminologies before they start learning the coding languages.We do have a self-assessment portal for our students to assess their understanding and improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Our Vision:

“Everybody should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think"Steve Jobs.

Also, he added, Programming or coding is nothing but the mirror of your thoughts. What you think is what you code. The most adorable quality that is developed while learning coding  is the  "Cause and Effect". This Cause and Effect not only raise the creators but also a good emotional human with good intuitive skills in Short...The Code Talkers Academy is founded to build a strong foundation with ease and love and joy for enriching the 21st century literacy skill "Coding" in the young minds and make them technically and emotionally strong. So, it’s simply The Code Talkers Academy for Next Generation.