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From one mother to another, 'Cheerful Colors' opens a wonderful world that inspires and encourages children to explore and learn interpersonal skills and new concepts through play. My kid centric product range assures knowledge enhancement and hours of interactive fun. Zero Screen Time With Mahi’ is my motto. 


Step into the enchanting world of 'Cheerful Colors'


I have handpicked a perfect collection of products to delight parents and captivate young minds. Sensory toys, Handmade wooden toys, Educational toys,Interactive games,. Engaging fiction/non-fiction books, Imported pre-loved books,Unique dress designs,. Home schooling Kit. How 'Cheerful Colors' sprouted in my heart!


This is Nagamaheswari. I would introduce myself as a loving mom who is passionate about being self-reliant and giving the best to my child. My inner entrepreneur was born when I became a mom. Like any mom in this world, I longed to be an integral part of their developmental stages. Though I quit my job for this, I couldn't give up on my dreams of having financial independence doing something worthwhile. The thoughts lurked in the deep realms of my mind, but I did what any other mom would - giving my best to my children with regards to attention and resources. I loved shopping for the best toys and books to engage their minds and enrich their development. In the course of this, I could see how overpriced the toys and books were. As I was around my children all the time, I thought that it is only fair that I start my entrepreneurial debut on what they would obviously adore! So, Cheerful Colors was born in the year 2016. I started hand picking each product as I would for my children. I concentrated on price, quality, and service foremost. I personally quality check each product before they adorn our shelves.


This meticulous attention brought a lot of wonderful customers my way. On popular request, I started offering exclusive dress collections with eye-catching colours, unique artistic designs, smooth seams for comfort, and a sleek finish. With the recent pandemic bringing a lot of ambiguity to the parents on their kids’ education, we tied up with a big publication house to cater to the needs of those parents who are trying to figure out a proper curriculum their kids. Catering to age groups 0 - 16, Cheerful Colours strives to strengthen the bond between parents and children and find joy in each other's company. Why Toys and games rule the roost? There is something magical about toys. They are not only for pure entertainment, but they aid  children master their multisensory development, ethical thinking, and interpersonal skills. 


Toys - Acting as great stress busters, toys can impart precious lessons on logical reasoning, strategizing, sharing, empathy, confidence, and other life skills.


Games - interactive games are value based and help children polish their motor skills, team building dynamics, and hand-eye coordination. 


My vision is to wean more children away from digital gadgets, and create atleast 500 re-sellers by 2025.

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