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Pedodontics is a dental speciality that focuses on children’s oral health. There is an extensive emphasis on prevention including oral hygiene practice, fluoride use and proper diet. Pedodontist (children’s dentist) routinely address dental decay or caries, correct abnormalities in tooth position and use correctional devices. The pedodontic professional needs a great deal of patience and comprehensive knowledge of effects on the mouth from physical and mental disorders. 



I studied BDS at Tamil Nadu Dental College in Chennai. I undertook MDS at Manipal Academy of Higher Education in Karnataka where I became fluent in Hindi, Kannada and Konkini. I gained a PhD at my current workplace Saveetha Dental College where I have been since 2008, initially as a lecturer now as a Professor of Pedodontics. I have over 150 published journal articles that have been cited over 1000 times. I have presented posters (Canada), papers (South Korea) and given guest lectures at other Chennai colleges. I have attended Tooth stimulation and Thermocycling machine training in Italy. I am an All Indian Dental Colleges Examiner. As a mother of a nurturing daughter Navanthika who motivated me to open Navan Dental Care so she can observe what my work entails. I want to empower her to understand what being a woman entrepreneur involves. Perhaps even inspire to forge a path in her entrepreneurship.

Our expertise


At Navan Dental Care we pride ourselves in committed dental care with concern and compassion. We cater for both adults and children. Our values involve the provision of multispecialty service under one roof. We will bring other dental specialties to our clinic to ensure you or your child’s treatment is not disrupted. This guarantees you and your child will be in familiar surroundings at Navan Dental Clinic for specialised treatment.

If you are overseas you can consult with us online and we will design a travel itinerary which incorporates treatment and rest days. This sets us up as a local dentist with global reach.

Our Services

Tooth cleaning

Tooth extraction

Tooth filling

Root canal



Full mouth rehabilitation


Managing malaligned treatment

Gum treatment 

Laser treatment

Sleep dentistry 

Dental trauma management

Prevention of dental diseases

Correction of oral habits


My dental offers



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