NextGen Health Mix is the brainchild of a warm-hearted mother, whose primary focus is to create remarkably healthy families in the world. It all started in the year 2018 by Mrs. Saranya, a super mom, in the heart of her home, her kitchen, with great determination and a noble intention in her mind, she works really hard towards her dream of creating strong families and now this venture has grown so much since it began. We select only high-quality ingredients to prepare our products and we obtain them directly from farmers that practice natural-farming. Since we manufacture health-mixes that have sprouted ingredients, the process is very elaborate and time-consuming and takes a lot of hard-work. The processes require great care and concern in each and every step of preparation and we provide it abundantly just to keep your family super healthy. We strive really hard to use all-natural ingredients with excellent nutritional values in our products. Our health-mixes are made under proper guidance from experts and we give our at-most attention to prepare it hygienically. We are also very proud to say that our health-mixes are 100% GMO free. 


34 - Ingredient Sprouted Health-mix

This product is a revolution in the world of health-drinks!  This drink contains 34 different ingredients that were allowed to sprout at different time lengths to meet the required nutrition content. This contains many varieties of sprouted millets, grains, pulses and even nuts added in the equal ratio. These ingredients were allowed to germinate in traditional methods, based on studies and researches that were conducted previously. We are so elated and proud to say that we manufacture our health-mix under expert’s guidance to make sure it is suitable for all body-types and during all seasons. 


GI based Mix suitable for Diabetic patients

This is a fibre-rich, protein-filled mix that has very high Omega 3 fatty acids and very low GI value .

This is loaded with 18% of proteins and has ZERO sugar and ZERO Trans Fat. Some of the star ingredients are Sprouted Red Sorghum and Sprouted Paddy. 

This makes it a perfect drink for diabetic patients and for people who want to lose weight in a healthy way.

New Mom-health mix 

This New-Mom health mix is made with exceedingly great quality ingredients, keeping in mind the well-being of both the mother and the new-born. This provides excellent nourishment for nursing-moms as it is packed with nutrition from 34 different sprouted ingredients. 

With very low trans fat and more saturated fat, this drink helps in keeping their weight under control. 

The drink also contains herbs that increase immunity in the lactating mother there by boosting immunity in the new-born as well.

MahaSakthi Immunity Mix 

What do you think about having a wholesome nutritious breakfast for just under Rs.10? Is it even possible? - Of course! - Our Maha Sakthi Health-mix supplies you the essential nutrition along with excellent immune power to keep you active and energised throughout the day.This super-drink is prepared by carefully slow-roasting the pulses, grains and millets to increase the trace minerals. Since trace minerals are very important for the adequate functioning of our immune system, this drink will do wonders in developing your ability to fight against diseases.

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