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I am Mouli Sankar.G, Proprietor of Nigal & Mahizh Foods. I have done my BBA in Chennai and PGDM MBA in Coimbatore. I started my career in Marketing and banking sector and have worked as manager in a private bank. I have an experience of nearly eight years in the marketing field. As I have more love and interest in nature and nature related resources, I decided to resign my job and started Nigal & Mahizh Foods. The name “Nigal & Mahizh” denotes to live a happy life at present that benefits for the future. My Aim is to provide the pure food products. My dream is to produce nearly 200 varieties of products that benefits my people for healthier life.


Currently, I am producing 10 varieties of products. Some of the products are:Beetroot Malt:  There are many beetroot malts available in the market. But we prepare the malt in Iron Kadai and that is our specialty from other products. This is a 100% energy drink with no added colours or preservatives. 


Red Banana Malt: The Red Banana (Sevalai) Malt, helps in weight loss and is good for vision. It is rich in antioxidants. 

Sugar Tea: The Herbal sugar tea contains 15 herbs that controls sugar levels and improves kidney and liver functions. It also cures colds, Insomnia, constipation, and gastric ulcers. 


Chilli 65 Powder: Our Chilli 65 powder is a best choice for vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes. 

Multigrain Healthmix Powder: The multigrain health mix powder contains about 20 millets and grains. None of our products have preservatives.

Ayurvedic tooth powder,

Ayurvedic Hair oil, 

Ayurvedic Knee Pain Thailam, etc.,


My aim of doing this business is to make the people understand about the quality and benefits of our products that we provide for their well being.

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Near Subasri Mahal, Muthur road,

Vellakovil 638111 -Tirupur District

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