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I am Nisha Radhakrishnan, nutritionist and founder of ERBA Nutrition and Wellness and is well known as NutriNish. Having 16+ years of experience in helping clients reach their weight loss goals.  And  also the brain behind the ERBA lifestyle, which is a lifestyle with a collection of simple habits and rituals, that will help to maintain a healthy body and a peaceful mind.   In this journey I have  helped to transform many lives who were in need of better health and better mental well-being. 

I got  master’s degree and M.Phil in Foods and Nutrition, with a bachelor’s in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences. and  also a Level-3 Yoga Instructor and Evaluator, certified by AYUSH of the Government of India. I conduct online diet consultations in addition to many workshops based on ERBA Lifestyle.  Women group weight loss program, known as ERBA Wonder Women is a great hit among women and  also conducts monthly ERBA Challenges for the public, to improve their general health and uplift their quality of life. 


We have also have a health product line known as ERBAS, which supplies preservative and additive-free breakfast cereals made from millets, sesame laddu, thinai laddu and sesame idli podi.  

Our mission is to help the human race get back to their roots, live in harmony with nature and live a happy disease-free and medicine free life. 

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