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-Wings to your financial dreams-

A successful women entrepreneur, admired, leader, speaker in the financial services industry with over 15yrs of experience. Founder of Financial Feathers on a mission to help people “Giving wings to their financial dreams" A professional who helps individuals, families and companies to manage financial resources efficiently with an objective to help them achieve financial well-being. Financial well-being is a feeling of security, clarity and confidence about having enough financial resources to meet your family financial goals.


What are family’s financial resources?
Savings-----income Assets ------Net worth

Expenses Liabilities

Four pillars of personal finance
“Money is a means goals
Happiness is a end goal”


7 Reasons why do you need our services:-
1) Product complexities and range of options.
2) Equity investing (Equity MF, PMS, Direct Equity)
3) Manage Behavioral biases to convert investment returns into investor returns
4) Holistic Approach – All money decisions are interconnected
5) Information overload.
6) Marketing Bombardment
7) Investors – Lazy, Busy, Crazy

Mission Statement: We want to help at least 1000 families achieve financial well-being, accomplish all their life goals, become stress free about money and have a feeling of financial freedom.

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