This is Prema, the mind and the heart behind Aura foods. Aura foods specialises in bringing handmade authentic spice mix powders and pickles to make your eyes sparkle and heart swell with pride about India's rich heritage. Made with superior ingredients and heartfelt love, our delicious handmade food range is all set to tickle your tastebuds and bring a happy smile to your face with every relishing bite you take. Have you had fond memories hearing your grandma talk about the way they did things in the good old days? We bet you could see their eyes sparkle as they talk about how even simple foods tasted like nectar. It was because everything was meticulously grounded and processed by hand. Though the process was labour intensive, it gave women the satisfaction of serving nourishing foods to their families. In this era of automation and women entrepreneurial ventures, it would be hard to imagine doing things like they did in the past. But, if you are honest with yourself, you will realise that your heart and taste buds yearn for the handmade goodness our grandmas used to wax lyrical about. Mine did! I firmly believed that the present  generation need not miss out on the nourishment and taste of handmade foods. This thought formed the core of Aura foods. In short, Aura food was my humble attempt to bridge the gap between the quaint era and contemporary era, in a wholesome and delicious way. Since our inception in 2014, our handmade range has superior quality and exquisite taste for attention.


The future


We are going strong, and looking forward to bringing the benefit of wholesome handmade goodness to more people. We are striving to create a healthy generation that understands - things from our glorious past are not necessarily 'old fashioned.'We assure you that one mouthful of our hearty products will cause a delightful burst of taste that will make you close your eyes in a blissful smile.

Nourishing foods for new mothers and the little cherubs who pull at your heartstrings!


We also offer customised prasava legiyam. Made through an elaborate process with natural ingredients, our wholesome legiyam will benefit new moms, and help them manage their health and energy levels while providing the best nourishment to their newborn.  As we believe that babies deserve the best nutrition in a delicious way, our baby foods range of rice and millet based porridges and powders are tasty enough to make even adults take a surreptitious bite with  a guilty smile!

Handmade with love just the way it is meant to be! (MSME Registered)


. Variety idli spice mix ground on quaint thiruvais

. Masala mixes

. Variety Dosa Mixes

. Variety Rice mix powders

. Variety Millet mix

. Sathumaavu mix

. Pickles

. Herbal drinks

. Baby health mix powders

. Customised products



My products

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