A content writer who feels alive when her creativity is unleashed - That is how I would introduce myself!


From my childhood, I carried an immense love for English! My mom and my english teacher were my main motivators and cheerleaders. Though I enjoyed my english prowess, I did wonder why I loved the language with such passion.


The mystery unravelled when my mom told me that my dad (who passed away 2 weeks after my 1st birthday) used to tell her that he wants me to excel in English! He used to talk to me in English and only play English rhymes even when I was just 7- 8 months old. I don't remember much about my dad, but maybe his dreams and aspirations are deeply embedded in my soul!


I started my career as a content writer about 5 years ago. I was the successful candidate out of the 400 applicants who wrote a short sample content for a digital marketing agency. As we worked with a lot of premium brands, those were my golden years of learning. I owe a lot to Mrs Sangeetha S Abhishek, SODME & Turnexpert, who honed my skills to a larger extent and taught me ways to cope up with rejections and harsh feedback.


My specialisation


I specialise in short form product descriptions, website content, content planning, social media content, and blogs. Basically, anything creative gets my seal of writing approval!


At the moment, I freelance at 2 digital marketing agencies, one at Chennai, and one with branches in the UK and Australia. I also handle individual projects that pique my creative mind.  I love mentoring newbie writers during my free time.


Brands that I work with (past & present)


Mahaveers, Bosch India, The Foto Perfect, Kankatala, Singhanias, Prashanti Sarees, Fudakti, Original Vasavi Jewellers, Coimbatore Jewellery, Homes by Kikkli, Rajmahal and Sitaram Jewellers.


I do not see content writing as a just profession! When I write, my hands and heart work in perfect tandem.


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My works

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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