golden fields

As a mother I was always keen on giving the best to the kids. When I thought of the health drinks as a part of liquid snacks. I thought about whether the health drinks available in the market are reliable. At that time my search started and I started analysing classical methods of Health Drinks. I could not forget "OLD IS GOLD".


I had full faith in my amma's preparation. I depended on my amma for my kids' nutrition. As things moved on it was followed by my sister, neighbours and my close friend circle. And slowly I added nutritional value to my near and dear circle.


This beneficiary list slowly extended to my close circle relatives who are diabetics and women who are pregnant also Benefited from this. And most important was the taste. As my health mix can  be changed according to mood and preferences. This is so delicious with palm sugar or jaggery and at the same time so tangy with salt and pepper.


As a responsible citizen, I feel goodness should not be confined to a smaller group. It should be provided for the whole society. This dream has taken the form of "Golden Fields". Here comes a great health mix with perfection to the core , purity and taste with goodness of nature and shaped out by our amma.

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