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I would happily introduce myself as Founder of Healthy Bridge Bakes, Healthy Baking Instructor & a  YouTuber. I have completed my UG in Business Administration My journey towards healthy baking... Being a Mom of two kids, I saw that they had much inclination towards baked items. I was unable to  keep them away from baked goodies that were loaded with refined flour, refined sugar, chemicals  and preservatives. So, I was in search of some healthy alternatives. I know I am not alone here. There is always a Tug of war between parents and kids. Parents prefer  healthy foods whereas kids enjoy eating junk foods. My thought of bridging this gap gave birth to  "HEALTHY BRIDGE BAKES“ three years ago, which is registered with FSSAI now. 


Learn from "Healthy Bridge Bakes"! 

Being passionate about healthy cooking, I realized that baking is also an essential skill that everyone  should master. I chose to be a baker who is conscious about the various ingredients used. I follow  these set of rules strictly in my workshops: 

* No Refined Flour 

* No Refined Sugar 

* No Artificial Colours 

* No Chemicals 

* No Preservatives 

Science behind baking: 

So far, I have trained 50+ happy bakers. Few of my students have started their own baking business  after attending my workshops. My "Bake along" online classes not only teach the art of baking but also Emphasise on science  behind it. I share all the nuances and different techniques needed for a perfect bake. Thereafter I  offer them a lifetime guidance in baking through our healthy baker’s community. 

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