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A path from studies to smile is a mesmerizing moment to recollect mentions, I am Dr.Sarannya Muguntha Kumar Ph.D. in chemistry, an ardent philosopher, today is an award-winning entrepreneur through my passion by nurturing my own crafty talent. My unique ensemble which embarked my very own journey to bring smiles to individuals from the heart with a look at the make by my hands. I launched my very own brand with a cognitive concept to mingle with the world and sparkle their life with her creations. “Mingle & Sparkle '' gives you creative dolls, crafty handmade gifts, handcrafted plates and stationery, and more. 


Art is an inbuilt nature and I nurtured it with passion and ambition to achieve her milestone as a self-made, self-sustained, and challenging woman entrepreneur.I am a workaholic, determined, and define my balanced lifestyle with art to heart and food to the soul. 


In this journey of life, I have bagged recommendable awards from renowned universities which stands apart from what I have achieved today as a woman entrepreneur. A knowledge explorer who discovered my unique qualities during my doctoral studies to keep myself busy from boredom is today my life balancing platform. As a woman my priority to the family is balanced in a very unique path, with three kids’ hands-full and married to a Mariner, I am a competitive woman, vivacious wife and a loving mother. I had received the SOUTH INDIAN WOMEN ACHIEVERS AWARD (SIWAA), featured in many elite magazines and profound periodicals. My talent shadowed my journey through all the ups & downs and reached the heights of many acclaiming awards. 

An inclination to keep everyone happy gave the idea for a future grid layout to create employment opportunities for many such aspiring handy-crafty-loving women across the country and so  started a women group named She Minminz to support Women Entrepreneurs.

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