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Siddha medicine is one of the ancient medical system of India. Fundamental principles of siddha includes theories of five elements(Aimboothangal), Three humors(vatham,pitham,kapam), The eight fold examination( Envagai thervugal) is used to determine diagnosis,Etiology,treatment and prognosis. Siddha system of medicine has safe herbal and herbo mineral treatment for all chronic ailments. In AYUSH system of medicine, the letter 'S' stands for Siddha.In recent times, during covid 19 pandemic situation siddha system played major role in treating mild and moderate covid 19 patients.


My Story & services

Have completed Doctorate of Medicine in siddha (MD siddha),and post graduate diploma in nutrition and dietetics. I have 12 years of experience in the field of Siddha Medicine.  specialised in treating the disease with authentic natural medicines which has been followed for 2000+ years in Tamil Nadu. 

Have excellent experience in women's health, Kids nutrition and general medicine.  Having successful clients in India, Dubai, Bahrain,Singapore.



* Siddha medicine
*Diet/ life style management 
*Kids nutrition 

  -Hair and skin care
  -WEIGHT LOSS consultation 
  - for women- menstrual Problems,DUB,Painful menstruation,PCOS, Thyroid disorders
- for kids - weight gain, nutritional disorders,
- Immune boosting technique and treatment, 
- Stress/Anxiety management.
  - Osteo arthritis,Asthma, Renal stones, Gall bladder stones, Peptic ulcer, Piles, Hair related issues, Diabetes, hypertension and other chronic ailments..



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