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Right and balanced food compounded with tailor-made food is what we need to postpone illness and geriatric ills. After all, health is wealth, isn’t it? But it is a million-dollar query as to how many of us do take precautions as far as right choice of food especially in the fast-moving world, with Covid virus included of course, where everything is offered at our doorsteps. It is believed that we are offered a hygienic food item which we order. On the contrary, there is hardly any check right from the food items being prepared down to transit posing a life threat. Come what may, as a doctor is for the patients, a lawyer for the clients, a teacher for the students, a boss for the company, so are we, FSSAI certified S.R.I’s Homemades firm, of which I am the proprietor. Our firm’s slogan is to serve a healthy food sans on the lines of profit motive.of all the attributable reasons, our prime aim is to customise the customers’ needs and demands and prepares the food items. I wish to place on record that no preservative is used, and we use only the sesame oil purely filtered from the seeds without adding anything like mouth-watering flavour to it, so to say, Cold-pressed oils are definitely healthier than refined oils.


Most of the nutritive capacity of refined oil is lost after they are exposed to high heat and chemicals. Most cold-pressed oils are rich in vitamin E, which has anti-inflammatory properties and oleic acid, which boosts our immunity. It is an undeniable fact that most of the healthy ingredients like coriander are thrown off when we take food and that is indeed ignorance, for, coriander, pirandai et al do have therapeutic use and ignoring them is either to invite or retain the abnormalities in blood sugar and cholesterol.

If unchecked, it might lead to heart-related ailments. Keeping all these in view, prioritising the healthy food, we have launched our homemade items to offer not only a palatable and digestible food but a food that will keep us fit for long.

We, therefore, wish to serve the society, which should be disease-free. Hence, help us to serve you better so that you can better your lives with our promising food items.

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