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My name is Sharmila Jeyakumar, I started my career as a Software Engineer in a reputed multinational company and have been in the computer field for 18 years.


Turning my focus towards Marketing

Having worked with small to big sized companies, I have an understanding of jobs in both places. Even though there were similar jobs in both places, it came to be understood that something else was needed to take the company to the next level. Only a handful of start-ups manage to take their company to the next level. And others remain stagnant in the immediate future. The magic behind is that the subtle technique of right marketing combined with a high and quality productive strength makes one to move to the next level in the business. When high-quality manufacturing and efficient marketing goes hand in hand, the company strengthens considerably.


My stepping stone to Digital Marketing

Marketing has traditionally taken the form of brochures and newspapers and has progressed towards radio and television. The chances of connecting with traditional marketing began to decline after digital modernization. At this stage, modernization in combination with digital marketing has begun to balance this decline. Digital marketing is a powerful tool to market the products globally. No doubt, the Internet paves way for this rapid growth. I learnt a lot about digital marketing and researched the relevant tactics. I indulge myself in attending training programmes and understand the nuances. My next step is to carry out what I have learned. To apply my knowledge, I joined hand with WomEntrepreneur, starting the journey as like a start-up, thus quenched my thirst of acquiring knowledge.  


Liyami Solutions

As an extension of this, Liyami Solutions, a Digital Marketing Company, has been started. I want to project myself here as the founder of this company. I intend to give solutions to start-ups of all kinds through this company.  Liyami Solutions, a digital marketing start-up, was founded to help entrepreneurs advance their businesses. Liyami Solutions will undoubtedly be a driving force behind their potential growth as we begin to apply digital marketing tactics.

Liyami Solutions’ Digital Marketing Services - SEO Consultation ,PPC,Social media marketing  ,Website development with SEO


Few words about my multifaceted passions


I’m a storyteller and children's entertainer - A passion where my soul lingers.

I go around carrying stories. I do take courses on how to carry and deliver stories.

I teach Tamil for children in Bangalore, just to be part of the mammoth journey of my mother language Tamil. I do it in our apartments.

Pandemic didn’t stop me meeting children, I met them virtually in clubhouses and story was the platform to interact.

Love teaching English to women in a unique way so that they are able to use it for their empowerment.

YouTube channel “kikkee kukkoo” where I sing children’s songs in Tamil.

Podcast “Tamil stories for kids” where I tell children’s stories in Tamil.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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