shyamala gandhimani

Entrepreneur, Author, Goal Pursuit & Habit Trainer
Founder : The One Percent Extra

Shyamala Gandhimani, Daughter of a Dreamer, Wife of a Superman, Mother of two Ambitious Girls and 1 Dog, Professor turned Entrepreneur, Goal Pursuit & Habit Trainer, CEO of BRAINS - Brand Research and Internet Solutions, Co Author of GO@HEAD - Self Analysis & Success Workbook. 

My blood group is B- Negative but my vision is to Be Positive. 

My Degree says I am an Engineer & Psychiatrist (M.E Applied Electronics & M.Sc. Psychology)

I have been working with BRAINS previously known as G3 Design Zone and have a versatile knowledge in Branding, Marketing, Advertising and Organising public events. With this intense knowledge hope I can help you as a Business Coach for your Business Growth. Also to my profile I had worked as Professor in various Engineering Colleges and found that many students with high Technical Knowledge and skills fail in their Professional and Personal Life. This triggered me to analyse the reasons and finally found that they were lagging in Life Skills and became a Goal Pursuit & Habits Trainer. So, I believe that I can help you manifest your inner potential to the maximum and make you Successful Personally and Professionally.

I insist everyone to ask themselves a question: 

  • What is the real Purpose of your life?  and 

  • What would it take for you to really shift your life from Present to the life you Desire? 

I believe that we do not fail. It is our mind-set that leads to failure. If we can change our mind-set using the right strategies, we can achieve anything.


“Vaira Mangai” Award for being a Successful Entrepreneur and Personal Trainer.

“Singapen Award” for being an Inspiring Tamil Motivation Speaker

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