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3 years ago, we had a blessed moment ; ideas  then shaped up and finally evolved our Flagship brand PRESSO.


Decades of experience shared by our forerunners in the Oil Industry empowered us in the ideation of Products and PRESSO came out with Premium Quality 100% Fresh & Pure Cold Pressed Cooking Oils . Though the Industry was opening up for Cold Pressed Oils in India , we saw that there is Trust factor which would certainly connect Human beings towards a Brand OR their products, Hence our Mission became to serve Humanity by offering 100% Fresh & Pure Oils as we believed that Every Human Being on Earth deserves to use the Best Quality Oils .


Towards this Mission we had a First Cut Vision to reach out 10 lakh households with our Products so that each Mother can ensure that her family uses Healthy Oil to cook and have the Tasty food assuring all Nutrition and Wellness, the Oils being Natural & Free from Chemicals OR any oxidised agents in it .This Vision to make happen, we have kept a hand holding task of bringing in 1 lakh Micro/ Medium / Large Entrepreneurs to be a part of our Mission and enable the Society with our blessed Product line up .


PRESSO advocates Purity, Care, Love , Compassion and Commitment just like a  Mother would have for her own Family . 


PRESSO Family treats each Business Partner as it's extended Family member and works with the same Passion, Love and Care and also believes that our MISSION could be successful only with a proper embedded TEAM WORK. The Whole World stands out to be Family for us and we will attempt all possible ways to reach out through our different Business Partner Programs, Platforms and our very own Webstore We have started this Journey with a lots of Excitement in expanding our family from Tamilnadu to entire South India and further expand it each part of India and also the World through our like minded Business Family members who associate while we grow together .


It's always been a Blessing since God showed us this path and we are Extremely Confident to reach out to all Human beings . A Warm Welcome to JOIN US in this Blissful journey. Let's Walk together and make this soulful purpose   meet the Good Results at the very earliest .


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