Bhojana Food Company was started with an aim to provide instant and healthy food options made of millets, traditional rice varieties and nuts. This intention was born after seeing the food intake of my school kids who used to bring heavily attractive but unhealthy packet foods still feeling hungry later.

We have instant health drink MILACTO as our premium product consumed from 2 yrs to any age group and we hear our customers say that it is one of the healthiest drinks that they can trust so far. Moringa noodles, which is every kid’s favorite, can now be given without hesitation as it has NO MAIDA/MSG/LEAD but wheat and moringa. 
One of our most favorite products includes BABY FIRST FOOD (6-8 months) and is also recommended at pediatric clinics. We are also coming up with instant and healthy food options so that even school and job goers need not find it difficult to have healthy breakfast and all home-makers also stay healthy to empower the family.


We believe that healthy food makes a happy family hence all the products are made with care only for you !

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WEI Special sale
WEI Special sale


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