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Compassion  and a feeling of social need for safe, authentic, chemical-free, natural beauty and personal care products has given birth to VARTI. The specialty of VARTI is that all our products are manufactured in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India in an absolutely hygienic manner. Where ancient and modern aspects are placed together and the authentic age-old ingredients are fused in an organic and scientific fashion to produce magical results, in the realm of beauty and skin care. Each ingredient used is hand-picked to ensure its freshness and effectiveness.VARTI endeavors to give its clients a complete, enriching, organic, hygienic and hand-crafted cosmetic experience through their beauty products. The efficacious products penetrate deep into the skin to instantly repair, rejuvenate and give the skin a flawless radiance.


Our products are not tested on animals under any circumstances. We do not use Sulphates, Alcohol, Preservatives, Parabens, Silicones, Fillers, Mineral Oil, Synthetics and  Additives in any of our products.


VARTI Products are Ayush Certified and do not use sulphates, Alcohol, Preservatives, Parabens, Silicones, fillers, Mineral oils, synthetics, or additives like artificial fragrance and colours.

List Of Products:

1.Varti Baby Magic Oil

2.Varti Hair Oil

3.Varti Magic Face Oil

4.Varti Healing Oil

5.Varti Stretchmark Oil

6.Varti Body Massage Oil

7.Varti Baby Bar

8.Varti Charcoal & Pomegranate Body bar

9. Varti Saffron Face bar 

10.Varti Sandalwood & Turmeric Body Bar

11.Varti Baby Bar

My products

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Sai Varti Ayurvedz Pvt Ltd,44B,Kurichi Housing Unit Phase:2,Sidco Post,Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu:641021

Phone & Whatsapp +91 98217 45136

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