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This is Srisuhavaneswari, the face behind Shen Institute. Miss R.Suguna and Mrs. B.Nalina are the spirited duo who form my core team. Shen Institute offers 30+ healing therapies for good physical and emotional health. Enriching healers with subjective knowledge and practical insights since 2018, Shen Institute continues to create a beautiful ecosystem of healers who take their social responsibilities seriously.


My Healing Journey

The adage 'necessity is the mother of invention' applies to me in a poignant way. Shen Institute was the culmination of my healing journey that started in 2012. I am an Engineer, and was working as a lecturer in Trichy Mookambigai Engineering College. Life was good.  Some personal losses and seeing my family suffer with health ailments gave me the resolve to learn healing therapies to help myself and serve people in the economically weaker sections. It was not an easy journey... Although I did not cross the proverbial seven seas and seven mountains to access my learning, I did face considerable difficulties ranging from long distances to high costs. Beating all odds, I learnt different therapies for physical and emotional well-being. This made a big difference in my life. I felt that atleast one person in every family should learn some healing techniques to safeguard their family with preventative measures.That is when a thought stuck...like me, many might be struggling to learn  therapies at will. This sowed the seeds for Shen Institute in 2018. Teaching around 30+ therapies under one roof at low cost, Shen Institute is the manifestation of my aspiration to transform the lady of the house into a hands-on doctor. Cherishing my roots, I would like to thank my mother who played a big role in giving me the necessary support and encouragement to learn precious healing techniques. I would like to thank my Gurus whose kindness and generosity helped me master many healing techniques successfully. I am lucky enough to have been under their fold, and learn insightful knowledge based on their and their guru's experiences.  Shen Institute stands tall due to the beautiful support from various quarters, and is under the able guidance of 3 generations of healers. Place yourself in our hands with utmost trust! We truly care.


Shen Institute - Shaping Lives Through Therapy

Shen Institute is my way of giving back to society. We offer CTDS* certified courses on various healing therapies at affordable prices. The CTDS* certificate allows you to practice the therapies within India and abroad. We specialise in therapies to manage paralysis, CP child, special children, infertility and gynaecological issues, cervical spondylitis, lumbar pain, sacrum, spinal injuries, arthritis, and emotional healing techniques to overcome stress and enjoy a peaceful life. Few of our key courses cover Foot Reflexology, Hand Reflexology, Varmam, Acupuncture, Spinal cord alignment, Reflexology in face, hand, hand, foot, scalp, & abdomen, ear and scalp acupuncture, and emotional healing techniques for stress management. Our treatments are tried and tested for effectiveness and healing abilities. We also offer a good lifelong support system for our students. With Shen Institute, Good health is within your grasp each day, everyday! *CTDS, The Council for Technical Development, and continuing academic educational and scientific Studies,  is a resource NGO registered under the purview of Niti Aayog scheme of the Central Government. 

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