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I'm Suganya Srinivasan, Founder of  Skin2breathe, a small scale handmade soap business. Soon after completing MCA, I started my career in TCS and worked for 3 years in the corporate sector. After the birth of my daughter, I left the well paid job and started this homemade product especially for her.  Her arrival urged me to raise her with natural and healthy food. And thus started with handmade soap specially made for her.


Skin2breathe is a product made of natural herbs and chekku oil. My first attempt to provide the best, ended in vain. I uphold the perseverance to acquire perfection.  The users were enthralled by the softness and aroma of soap. From then, not only my daughter, all in my family started using my handmade soaps. The feedback encouraged me to take this as a business and we started getting good responses from the customers. Nowadays, the unhygienic food habits and pollution leads to many skin problems.  Skin2breathe gives a good solution for skin issues.  We breathe but our skin doesn't as we use commercial and fat soaps that block our skin and give itches and rashes.


The handmade soap paves way for breathing of our skin. In addition, our skin glows with softness and freshness. The brand name "Skin2breathe" is after the mantra OUR SKIN SHOULD BREATHE. The 6 flavour Skin2breathe soaps are

Nalangu mavu soap is made by adding 20 natural herbs that reduces body odour and excessive sweating. It suits for all skin types and is one of the best anti- aging and anti-septic. Poovarasan soap is made from medicinal trees. The flowers, seeds and leaves are all good for skin and it cures skin problems to the maximum. Charcoal soap improves complexion, deep cleanse and reduces skin irritation.  also treats acne and black heads Liquorice soap fights against bacteria and is good for skin lightening. It suits dry skin and reduces body heat. French pink clay soap is effective against acne, perfectly suited for dry skin and improves complexion and reduces age spots. Red sandalwood soap removes sun tan and dullness, controls oil in skin and combats premature ageing. 100% natural soap and cold process soap.

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