Hi all, this is Sundararajan, an enterprising entrepreneur striving for excellence in everything I pursue. Me and my better half Suganya are the heart and soul of Mugundhan silks, the retail debut of our cherished family owned silk saree weaving business. Let me start with how our future success story will read! From a humble start in the vibrant streets of Vanavasi to making an indelible mark in the global arena, 6 yards at a time, Mugundhan silks shows us that all great journeys begin with a single step. Surprised? Our passion and dedication gives us this unflinching confidence to foresee our future. Our roots are in Vanavasi, a weavers town which enjoys the reputation of being called the 'Kutty Kanchipuram'


Our family in Vanavasi was involved in the business of weaving and supplying silk sarees to other textile showrooms, while I worked as a Quality Management Consultant in the garment technology field in India and abroad. After gaining over 18 years experience in this industry, I decided to play an active role in our family business. We established Mugundhan Silks in April 2021 to supply authentic handloom weaves directly to our beloved customers. Reflecting the exquisite heritage and culture of India through its magnificent silk sarees, Mugundhan Silks aim to colour your world with regalia and enchantment. Our exquisite collection of traditional and trendy silk and semi silk sarees are a firm favourite across all ages.


Handpicked for their artistic excellence, our team of master weavers work on their looms to create masterpieces in silk. Their aspirations and dreams are interwoven in the intricate workmanship they enrich our weaves with.As quality, innovative designs, and customer satisfaction are of paramount importance to us, my family is involved in every stage of the sourcing and weaving process. We specialise in weaving and offering a charming range of Kanchipuram pure silk sarees, pure soft silk sarees, pure silk wedding sarees, pure silk copper zari sarees, kanchi silk inspired semi silk sarees, semi silk embossed sarees, semi silk wedding sarees, silk cotton sarees, and kalyani cotton sarees. We also undertake orders for uniform/set sarees for all occasions.


We firmly believe that traditional weavers are the essential part of India's heritage, and do our best for them by giving them regular work and all required support throughout their lives. By 2030, we are aiming for a global reach backed by our superior quality standards and a gorgeous range of traditional & contemporary weaves. Order today to see our handcrafted weave in all its glory. Satisfaction guaranteed! 



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12/46, Devangar street, Devasthana Vanavasi,

Vanavasi -636457, Salem( Dist). 

+91 93440 64409 |

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