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Ms. Lakshmi Preetha Rani Proprietor - Swasth Homes - Born and brought up in a business family, I have always possessed a great passion for entrepreneurship. I grew up learning business strategies from my father and paternal uncle. They had a rich experience in the garment industry for about 60 years. I have completed Masters in Computer Applications & Diploma in Yoga Teacher Training courses at Madurai. We have now settled in Navi Mumbai after living in the USA for a few years.
Being conscious about my family's health, when I made changes in my consuming habits, I felt that it had a great impact on overall wellness. For instance, I can mention a few changes like,
White sugar --> Jaggery or Palm Jaggery
Refined oils --> Cold Pressed Oils
White Rice --> Traditional Rice/ Millets
Shampoo --> Herbal Shiyakkai powder
Sanitary Pads --> Herbal Cotton Pads
In Mumbai, it was quite hard to find good quality organic products at nominal rates. My thought on this paved way to the inauguration of "Swasth Homes" in 2016

About Us
Swasth Homes is a PAN India Company, registered with GST, FSSAI and MSME.
"Swasth'' means 'Health' in Hindi. Having a dream of reaching many homes and making people
adopt a healthier lifestyle, I was inspired to name my company as
"Swasth Homes".
Why do you need SWASTH HOMES products?
* Never compromise on quality. Authentic products
* Honest & Transparency
* Affordable price anyone can buy

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Kindly visit our Indiamart, Amazon sites, and WhatsAPP to get details and order all of our products directly.

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Swasth Homes, Plot No:25,

B- 604, Ravechi Heights, Sector-7,

Kharghar 410210. Navi Mumbai.

9969328370, 7021112910

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