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I am Vanathi – Successfully running an imitation jewellery business for the past nine years across the globe. Now I have taken up my family business’ V2 Masala catering to your nutritional food needs. These masalas are made with the finest produce, untouched by chemicals or additives, and made with recipes used by our mothers and grandmothers with a touch of nutrition. Our aim is to provide maximum nutrition efficiency through our products.


How did it all start?

As a mother of two smart boys, I always wanted to give them healthy snacks and so do our masala foods packed with love and rooted in a tradition inherited from my Grandma Mrs A . Bhagyam. I thank her for carrying forward the recipes of healthy food to the younger generation. There is always a magic touch in our South Indian ingredients used to prepare masala foods. It is wholesome in nutrition, taste and aroma. This is the reason that drove me higher in delivering orders across the globe in just a few months of starting my feat in this business. 


Why natural ingredients?

When the food market was brimming with foods loaded with preservatives and launched V2 masala in an attempt to provide optimum nutrition so we can have preservative and additive-free food to enhance a hale and healthy life. We use functional and nutritive ingredients to promote optimal health and reduce the risk of disease. 

How do we retain that ‘magic’ traditional touch?

Less processing is our strategy to prevent nutrient loss and all our products are easily digestible. Natural sun-dried ingredients help in retaining the aroma and taste. We also follow stringent safety measures in packing the foods. 

What’s more?

It is the taste that drives young ones towards junk food and we wanted to offer those tastes in a natural way through our healthy products made with black gram, groundnut, ragi and stay healthy with no compromise on the taste & quality they are looking for.


What’s unique?

Our aim is to be the people’s choice for their healthy lifestyle through traditional touch. Delivering mom’s taste in every bite is what we always want and we are doing it which makes our product unique. I am proud to create smiles and bonds through V2 Homemade Masalas!

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