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Vikat Learning Academy was jointly started by two enthusiastic moms who want to pursue their dream of teaching children. One of our goals is that students should get access to quality learning in an affordable way. We also wish to donate 5% of our income to a charity every month. We are focusing on three things : academic learning, Environment Awareness, Extra-curricular activities. Academic learning includes topics like English Grammar class, Learn how to read Tamil in easy way, Improve your child’s vocabulary by learning family words in English, Logical reasoning, Science Bowl etc., We work closely with the students and share ideas & experiences to develop their understanding of the concepts. We provide activities that improve the critical and analytical thinking of the students.

“Environmental awareness” is important for students because of the increasing environmental challenges the world is experiencing, such as: climate change, deforestation, droughts, floods, global warming, water scarcity, pollution. Understanding these issues and making lifestyle changes that contribute to environmental conservation is much needed for the next generation to live their life happily in eco-friendly environment. Our main aim is to teach how the environment is important to us and how to protect in a simple manner to the future pillars of our nation. We also ensure that future generations can enjoy the in-depth knowledge about incredible birds, animals, insects, tress and aquatic biome.

Extracurricular activities boost confidence, build self-esteem, and allow children to discover hidden talents and connect with kids who have similar interests. They should help students to develop valuable life skills, from independence to teamwork to leadership and in some cases analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, depending on the activity. We are offering extra-curricular activities at minimal cost but with a high quality like doodle art, Warli Art, Mandala art, Yoga, Online Reading Club, Online Story Telling, Craft classes etc., We will be introducing all the above-mentioned courses one by one in the following months. Please connect with our Facebook ID and webpage for regular updates.

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